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Privacy Policy

  1. Information collected:
  • Information is submitted to the website by individuals / groups making enquiries.
  • Any personal information will only be collected if a commission is pursued with a client, and this information will only be required to consist of:
    • Client contact details, in order to enable communication dialogue during the commission progress, and
    • Client address, in order to despatch the completed commission.
  • No other personal information is requested from the client.


  1. Web browsing and cookies:
  • A cookie is a small file that we send to a third person’s computer or other device that is accessing our website.  By sending cookies like this we are able to offer an improved user experience when he site is revisited.  Most browsers will give the individual the opportunity to disable these cookies (for more information see AboutCookies.org).
  •  We do not use any form of website visitor analytics, such as Google Analytics, to monitor and analyse how our site is working, and number of visitors to our site.
  •  By completing the contact details on the website the individual is sharing personal data (name, contact number, postcode, email address) with Hartofthewood, and this information is not shared with any third parties.


  1. Marketing policies
  • Hartofthewood does not proactively contact individuals for potential sales and marketing purposes.
  • Hartofthewood website is passive only, and relies on website visitors to make initial contact either through website contact form, email, or telephone.


  1. Rights for Individuals

Hartofthewood  recognises the rights for individuals to be:

  • Informed of use and retention of personal data and specific personal data.
  • Able to access personal data held about them, through appropriate requests.
  • Able to request that personal information is removed where personal information is no longer required.
  • Confident that information will not be shared without consent.


  1. General Data Protection Regulation Compliance:
  • Unless otherwise requested and agreed in writing (including email), Hartofthewood  shall not provide any personal information to any third party.
  • Hartofthewood is committed to confidentiality and will store personal data in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).
  • Hartofthewood will take appropriate measures to ensure that all data is processed securely in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).


If you have any queries regarding this policy, or document, or concerns for the protection of your data, or data shared within contracts with Hartofthewood please do not hesitate to contact me.