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Hart of the wood, Willington, Derby, UK.

Toddler’s hand

This carving of a toddler’s hand is about 6 inches high and made from Lime.  It is based on a plasticine model I made from a series of photographs of a child’s hand. I intended to capture the “chubbiness” of a child’s hand compared to that of an adult: the knuckles on the back of the hand, and the finger joints are all concave rather than convex, and the fingers are proportionately shorter and thicker than adult fingers – although the finger tips are finer.

I carved the inside propfile of the cupped hand – palm and thumb. Once the depth of the palm from thumb,finger tips, and wrist was correct, I moved to work on the profile of the back of the hand and fingers to get the right thickness and curve shape. Next came joining up the gaps between fingers from inside you outside of the hand, and separating the thumb. Profile of the fingers, each segment of the fingers, then the thumb muscle and heel of hand, and profile of the back of the fingers followed.. Finally I added detail of creases inside the hand and wrist and dimples on the back of the hand.

The wood is finished in 2 coats of diluted Danish oil.



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