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Hart of the wood, Willington, Derby, UK.
Labrador portrait – full size

Labrador portrait – full size

This is a full-size portrait of a lovely working Labrador that has unfortunately passed away. The 3D carving was produced by compiling a large set of photos the dog, taken through its life, all in a range of different positions, facial expressions, etc.

I initially created, as normal, a 1/4 scale Plasticine model of the dog to try and generate the shape of the dog from the disparate images, such that it fairly reflected the correct proportion and anatomy of the dog from all angles.  The chosen posture was for seated, with ears cocked forwards, from paw lifted, and tail straight out.


Based on this model, I ordered the wood (Lime). Due to this size, this had to be constructed from a glued assembly of blocks – each planed on all sides to ensure absolute squareness, such that no gaps were evident even when “excavating” deep into the wood.(The planing, dowelling, gluing and clamping was carried out by specialist joiners at the wood suppliers – ref. G&S timber).

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