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Hart of the wood, Willington, Derby, UK.

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Jon Hart's wooden carved family

What can I do?

I am based in Willington, Derbyshire at the heart of the English countryside, and take commissioned work for individual, handcrafted, carved or turned pieces.

Because each one of my hand-crafted carvings are unique, I have flexibility to tailored them in the design stage to personalise them. This makes them ideal as a gift or a treat for yourself. I believe that a portrait carving captures the memory of someone as they were at a moment in time, in a unique, timeless and priceless way that will last for generations

I have completed commissions for customers across the globe. These have included sculptures or carved and turned bowls with personalised lettering, that have been used for such things as wedding presents or presents for colleagues leaving work.

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How how long will it take?

When  enquiring about a commission, please bear in mind that as each woodcarving is unique and hand-crafted, a number of factors will all have a significant impact on the time taken to produce the product and hence also the price. Considerations includes: the physical size, type of wood, complexity of design, level of detail, or level of accuracy versus stylisation or simplification required.

Therefore, if required for a specific date, please contact me well in advance of when the carving is required in order to discuss feasibility of what can be achieved in the timescales, and allow me to provide an estimate of the cost.

If a fully 3D or “in-the-round” portrait is required, then to ensure a good likeness and accuracy, it would help enormously if a set of photographs of the subject could be made available. Ideally, these should be taken from different angles on the same occasion, and ideally in black and white (as this helps bring out shadows and hence the form).

As an indicator, I would allow 2 months (of part-time work) for a portrait.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of work, please contact Jon using the ‘Contact’ form.