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Hart of the wood, Willington, Derby, UK.

About Jon Hart


My interest in woodcarving was sparked when, at age 15 I was given my first set of woodcarving chisels. I was already a keen painter, taking commissions for oil paintings and pen and ink drawings, and enjoyed inventing woodworking projects. I continued to evolve my skills in wood-carving as a hobby, but in 2007 I began instruction under woodcarving from Mike Painter,  a Master Carver. Since then I have developed my technique in carving human portraits and figures in a classical or traditional style. however

I currently work part-time as a wood-carver and painter, while maintaining my career at Rolls-Royce.

Jon’s Subject Matter

Jon Hart's Wood Carved Portraits


Because the human face is covered with a dense array of muscles, slight changes in expression make the shape of a face infinitely variable and expressive. The challenge in carving any portrait is not only to capture an accurate and recognisable likeness, but also to observe and capture personality and even emotion.

I believe that a portrait carving captures the memory of someone as they were at a moment in time, in a unique, timeless and priceless way that will last for generations.

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Jon Hart's Wood Carved Portraits


I carve figures of people or animals, typically in a style that aims to reflect anatomical correctness and realism.  I may also stylise a designs to simplify the level of surface detail to allow the eye to focus on the three dimensional form or figuring of the natural wood itself.

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Jon Hart's Wood carved Poppy


I have created sculptures for both indoor and outdoor use.

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